A Chinese Alternative ? Interpreting the Chinese New Left Politically

, by  CARTER Lance, Insurgent Notes

This article examines the rise and context of the “New Left” in China, as well as gives a basic introduction to its ideological formations. Carter explains that “progressive” is usually associated with Right Wing, where conservative is associated with the Left. The article gets into the challenges of a rising academic current that is critical of both the state and neoliberal actors, which becomes problematic because there is not very much ideological space when one (the State) still appropriates the “Old” left, and the other (neoliberals) appropriate the “Right.” The article concludes that no ‘change from above’ is going to happen while the country is enjoying such rapid growth, and that the largely academic “New Left” will have a difficult time sparking wider alignment given the limitations on liberties in China.

The article is available on the Insurgent Notes website : [a(http://insurgentnotes.com/2010/06/chinese-new-left/) insurgentnotes.com/2010/06/chinese-new-left/]

this is a short review of the article, available here : insurgentnotes.com/2010/06/chinese-new-left/


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