All India People’s Science Network

, by  All India Peoples Science Network

The All India Peoples Science Network is a network of over forty Peoples Science organisations spread all over the country. The AIPSN started its activities as a network of activist organisations involved in Science Popularisation and in examining related to the interface of science with society.

The AIPSN, which had its initial thrust in the area of Science Communication, pioneered the efforts of adult literacy in the country in 1990. The literacy movements in the AIPSN have now built on the massive mobilisation achieved through the total literacy programmes, and include activities related to continuing education, school education, women’s empowerment, credit co-operative movements, rural micro-enterprises, etc…

The third major area of intervention by the AIPSN has been in the area of economic scientific, and technological self-reliance. It has been involved in programmes focused on encouraging local area planning and resource mapping and carried the message of local capability building for self-reliance. In addition to such co-ordinated programmes, member organisations within the AIPSN have done studies, conducted campaigns and created awareness on sectors such as health, pharmaceuticals, power, telecommunications, peace and disarmament, broader issues of globalisation, intellectual property rights, issues related to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), etc…

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