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Created in 1989, the National Association of Border Assistance for Foreigners (Anafé) acts in favour of the rights of foreigners who find themselves or have found themselves in difficulty at the borders or in waiting areas.

Anafé is a resource centre providing direct support, indirect support and monitoring (permanent right of access in the Roissy waiting zone, observation of judicial and administrative hearings, visits to waiting zones, exploratory missions, defence of migrants and asylum seekers held in waiting zones, individual monitoring, training and development of tools, monitoring of people turned back outside French borders, monitoring of people in police custody, litigation).

Its 25 years of experience at the borders have made Anafé an essential reference for legal professionals and politicians in the field of aliens law and asylum at the border. Here, its activity takes three main forms: analysis, communication and awareness-raising, and advocacy (preparation and dissemination of observation reports, analysis and information documents on issues related to access to the territory and refoulement, inter-association work, awareness-raising of public opinion and interventions with the competent authorities).

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