Assafir Al-Arabi

, by  Assafir Al-Arabi

Assafir Al-Arabi is a digital media platform, based in Lebanon and focused on the Arab world. It presents first-hand analysis of issues at stake on the ground by actors who are deeply rooted, concerned and involved in their societies, in clear, accessible language. It aims to give a platform to men and women, academics, researchers, journalists, bloggers, activists and artists in the Arab world, to offer an alternative to the prevailing dystopia in a region devastated by war, poverty, corruption and violence.

Assafir Al-Arabi seeks to bring to light “hubs of resistance” to the discourses of regimes that remain oppressive, and to the high-handed, and violent approach of the international powers, as well as the nihilistic vision of Islamic fanaticism.

Assafir Al-Arabi

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