Bangladesh Krishok Federation

, by  Bangladesh Krishok Federation

Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) was establish in 1976 after liberation war of 1971. Since its inception it was actively engaged in land occupation movement. In fact, it focused on land issue after a survey on the expectation of the people living the southern coastal belt had taken place. Based on the findings of the survey it decided to mobilize the landless people and to encourage them to occupy the Kashland (Fallow land) as a way to establish the right to land. After a series of programs it helped the landless people to take over 4 islands in 1980 in the southern district Patuakhali near bay of Bengal.

There was set back in this movement. The then government evicted the landless people forcefully from the land. Then the organization made an assessment on the movement. The assessment showed 2 major weaknesses in the movement. One is having no proper legislation that favors the landless people and other one the less participation of women in the movement. Then it decided to fight for specific law to be introduced for landless people and to make efforts to form a women wing which would struggle for women’s emancipation including right to land.

Thus, in 1990 Bangladesh Kishani Sabha (BKS) came into exist as a peasant women organization, first of its kind, in the country. Hence both organizations started work closely as associate to each other. In early 1992 under the banner of both organizations thousands of landless people occupied 22,000 acres of Khasland in the same islands which were occupied in 1980. This time it was a very successful occupation. After occupation the landless people had to face a lot of obstacles which they took as challenge for their survival. The occupation continued henceforth. So far, a total of 76600 acres of fallow land have been occupied in different parts of the country under BKF and BKS. More than 1000 landless men and women have been rehabilitated in the land.

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