From commons to commons movement, overcome capitalism

, by  Frédéric Sultan , Michel Bauwens

10 years after the endorsement of Reclaim The Commons Manifesto1 by members of the International Committee of the WSF, the Commons Movement has emerged from the shadows to become a source of inspiration for men, women and political perspectives that aim to address jointly social and ecological concerns in the 21st century.

The commons are more than the addition of initiatives of sharing and mutual aid, and of the legal and economic engineering that allows them to be implemented in the current system. They are also the expression of a broad impulse for democracy and active participation that meets the current feminist, anti-racist, decolonialist, and ecological mobilizations. They are a way to take care of the life and the wellbeing of every one of us and of the state of the Earth. The responsibility of social movements and civil society is to mobilize the power of dedication in and for the commons, to make it a force for the renewal of political and legal cultures that is needed to overcome what financialized capitalism with its authoritarian tendencies has become.

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