Global University for Sustainability

, by  Global University for Sustainability

In response to our crisis-ridden epoch, the initiative of Global University for Sustainability (Global U) supports the proliferation of autonomous and self-managing local bodies and their interdependent networking for ecological and socio-economic sustainability with justice.

Global U will constitute itself as an experimental forum for alternative practices in the production, dissemination and use of knowledge, making possible different modes of relating to one another and to nature other than what is confined by prevailing dominating institutions and practices. Global U will seek to transcend the commodification of knowledge driven by capitalist mechanisms that shape possessive individualistic selves. It hopes to bring together old and new generations of committed people working for ecological justice and socio-economic justice to articulate knowledge produced by experiences in the field, common reflections, and in particular, the wisdoms of the elders, the women, and the communities that defend their commons and rights. It hopes to help cross-fertilize initiatives practiced by organizations and networks to foster further inter-connections, experiment with creative and equitable forms of interacting, networking, and managing the commons. Global U envisions a new sustainable humanity on earth.

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