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  • Amandla!

    , by Amandla! Media

    Amandla seeks to build a new, open, non-dogmatic left politics which creates space to reflect (...)

  • International Institute for Research and Education - Manila

    , by IIRE - Manila

    The international Institute for Research and Education-Manila is a sister organization of the IIRE Amsterdam. It began its inception in 2009 as a regional institution that will facilitate the linkages not only of Asian activists, trade unions, students organizations, peasants, other social movements but as well as other progressive forces of the world.

  • Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement

    , by MPPM

    The Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement (MPPM) is a grassroots network of human rights, peace and multi-sectoral organizations based in the Southern Philippines. It was born in 2000 at the height of the All Out War and anti-terrorism campaign against Muslim and communist insurgents by the Philippine president and succeeding one during that period. Since then, the organization has become a platform for grassroots organization to call for a Stop to the war, struggle against militarization and against the return of the US military bases in the Philippines.

    Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement

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