Invitation to participate to the Wall of questionings

, by  DRÉANO Bernard, MASSIAH Gus

Intercoll is an open space of development and confrontation of social and citizen movements. The ambition is to help the gradual emergence of a new "international collective intellectual" from the intellectual production of movements and research networks, and popular education connected to them. The Intercoll project is part of a wide dynamic where debates drove by movements come to feed the struggles and mobilizations.
Intercoll aims to create an international and multicultural space. The site will operate in six languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin. The articles will be preceded by a summary of ten lines in the different languages allowing everyone to use automatic translation tools.

Seven steps will be implemented:
Working groups on proposed and selected themes.
Partner websites from several regions and on several themes.
A wall of the questions that arise or should be asked by social movements.
An ongoing survey on the strategy of social movements.
Mobilizations and citizen actions proposed by our partners.
Texts read elsewhere and selected based on their interest.
Events, seminars, conferences, various events in which Intercoll takes part.

We would like to offer you to participate in the implementation of the wall of the questions that arise or should be asked by social movements. Partners from several regions and on several themes will be invited to participate. It concerns sites, magazines and publishing houses working with the movements. We seek to associate between 100 and 200 correspondant within two years.

For each partner, we will put on the website a presentation of four to five lines with the return link to the partner site.

We will ask a correspondent of this partner website to commit to write every six months a text from 3000 to 5000 signs on a question, which can be treated by them, indicating why movements should ask this question and how to address it. This text will have a summary of maximum ten lines that will be translated into the other languages of the project and displayed on the wall of questions.

If other people are showing interest, they may be associated with the work in progress or participate in the creation of a self-directed intellectual working group.

Thank you for your reply

Bernard Dréano and Gustave Massiah

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