Jai Jagat 2020

, by  Jai Jagat

Thousands of marchers committed to nonviolent change all over the World will march from India, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Mali, Senegal, Spain and other countries to Geneva (Switzerland). They will meet in Geneva between September 25th and October 3rd, 2020, in the city that symbolizes peaceful coexistence and that is home to many UN organizations. Geneva city and canton have both agreed to welcome the marchers for a week-long People’s Action Forum to facilitate the dialogue about the conflicts and issues that local people worldwide are facing as a result of a violent, inequitable economy, polarizing politics and an accelerating arms race that is making peace a distant dream.

People are encouraged to move… to march and to use different media such as art, music, drama, social networking, literature, journalism, and education, to counter the violence of politics, and the media, with nonviolence and positive action.

The people that are given prominence in the Jai Jagat campaign are from the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy: Indigenous communities, Socially discriminated groups; Small farmers and landless communities; Refugees and those from conflict areas; and Ecologically displaced persons.

View online : Jai Jagat 2020