, by  Katalizo

Katalizo is an organization aiming to contribute to social and ecological change. It’s main goal is to catalyze exchange of ideas and their transformation into actions, grounded on the creative potential of communities, in order to achieve:
EQUITY – Support the establishment of equitable and inclusive societies developing ecologically responsible practices.
EDUCATION – Develop individual’s potential, through continuing and comprehensive learning useful for life.
EMPOWERMENT – Encourage individuals and communities to identify, apply and sustain their own solutions based on social participation, dialogue and mutual respect.
INNOVATION – Encourage creative communications and actions, as well as innovative technology to address challenges.
QUALITY OF LIFE – Contribute to a better quality of life in areas such as education, health, gender, social stability, culture, work, housing, among others.
PARTNERSHIPS – Promote alliances among actors of the global south, of Canada, and other countries of the global north.

View online : https://wsf2018.org/fr/grupos/katalizo/