, by  VECAM

Vecam is an association created in 1995, at the initiative of Jacques Robin and Véronique Kleck. Anticipating that information, cultural productions and knowledge would be increasingly digitized, that all the forces structuring human societies would be concerned, the founders of Vecam wanted citizens and civil society to be involved in the reflections and actions of this great changeover.

Vecam’s role is to give citizens the means to question, understand, debate and adopt these transformations. The association tries to contribute to the political and social decoding of the digital age. Vecam also intends to facilitate the practices developed by and for associations, citizen movements or individuals.

Digital practices open up a new space for understanding society through collective activity. The questions of the commons became central in Vecam’s interventions and projects. We have promoted the Francophone network around the Commons and its initiative Le Temps des Communs. We support Remix the Commons/Remix common goods, a free multimedia documentation space dedicated to commons.

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