Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement

, by  MPPM

The Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement (MPPM) is a grassroots network of human rights, peace and multi-sectoral organizations based in the Southern Philippines. It was born in 2000 at the height of the All Out War and anti-terrorism campaign against Muslim and communist insurgents by the Philippine president and succeeding one during that period. Since then, the organization has become a platform for grassroots organization to call for a Stop to the war, struggle against militarization and against the return of the US military bases in the Philippines. It also provides as platform for understanding and building solidarity of struggles among and between deeply divided communities that experience civil strife, communal violence, and political unrest. The organization also facilitates linkages, alliance building and networking with other social movements in the Philippines and the international community on peace, security, human rights issues and environmental justice. It also believes and supports the struggles of minorities, indigenous peoples, migrants and oppressed sectors/peoples and rallies support and solidarity for them.

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