Our October Selection WG Hip hop and Social Mouvements

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The Hip Hop and Social Movements working group has selected several links to interviews, radio shows and artist clips.

Emission Frontline of October 26, 2018

Program "Frontline" of October 26, 2018 with Rocé and Mogniss H. Abdallah of the Agency IM’média for the project "By the damned of the earth - Voices of struggles 1969-1988".

Project "In & Out"

The project “In & Out” is a continuation of the painting project “In Between” on the issue of Palestinian political prisoners. It was born from our common desire to set up a cultural project to speak about the situation in Palestine and promote solidarity : a channel for the expression, emancipation and artistic translation of Palestinian aspirations and political goals.

Raptivism : in Latin America, rap as a vector of feminist struggles

Article published in The Conversation on May 10, 2020 Article published in The Conversation on May 10, 2020

Feminists are raising their voices to be heard, and everywhere, music and song accompany these social movements. They amplify the voices of activists, taking them beyond traditional spaces and making them popular, especially among youth.

It is a reactivation of the famous words of the feminist anarchist activist Emma Goldman (1869-1940), "What good is a revolution if I can’t dance?” And in a way that reappropriates both her body, her voice and musical genres commonly considered macho.

Micros and barricades: interview with Mare Advertencia Lirika

In this interview conducted in Paris in July 2017 for the concert Conexión latina 6, the rapper and activist Mare talks about her long musical trajectory, which began in the early 2000s, and to which she returns, recounting the political turmoil and numerous revolts that have marked the history of Oaxaca, her city, and the birth of the hip-hop movement in this context.

Drowning Dog, Dj Malatesta & Acero Moretti : "Antagonista a vita" Clip

Videoclip of Rap Militant International - Antagonista a vita


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