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  • Indivisible justice: Why supporters of Palestine must stand with other oppressed communities

    , by Agence Média Palestine, Middle East Eye, Nada Elia

    Intersectional struggles and solidarity hinge on the understanding that we are enmeshed in a global web, that justice is indivisible, and that if we do not stand together across arbitrary borders of nation-state, religion, ethnicity and sexuality, then we are part of the problem.

    The necessity to denounce and oppose all forms of racism, sexism, xenophobia, classism and more must inform the activism of POOPs (Progressive only in relation to Palestine), who need to understand that Palestine is not an exception, and that linking it to other struggles is not a dilution, but critical engagement. It must also address to the large percentage of liberals ho are afflicted with PEP. They are progressives except in relation for Palestine.

  • Jewish Voice for Peace’s Approach to Zionism

    , by Jewish Voice for Peace

    We are publishing two texts on the question of Zionism, which we believe is crucial for understanding the situation in Palestine.

    This first contribution comes from Jewish Voices for Peace, a US-based association with thousands of members in this country, which has grown and evolved to the point of casting doubt on Israel among the Jewish population of this country traditionally loyal to Israel. The text explains how the association has evolved from a critique of Israeli politics alone to the critique of Zionism on which it is based.

  • BDS victories in 2018 reflect a growing movement

    , by Nadia Elia

    Most people date the global boycott campaign to end South African apartheid to the 1980s. What is frequently omitted is that, while it picked up most in the 1980s, the call for boycotts was not issued in the 1980s, but in 1959.

    Today, we are witnessing a similar grassroots phenomenon in Palestine, as throughout the country, acts of resistance are bubbling up to the surface. However, we must note that one of the more encouraging aspects of these breakthroughs is that most were accomplished by local individuals, groups, and coalitions with no direct involvement from the “leaders” of the BDS movement, the steering collectives of various groups focused on BDS.

    This is extremely significant on its own terms, but also illustrates that the many years of political discussion that were catalyzed by the 2005 Palestinian call for BDS against Israel are bearing fruit.

  • Gaza “laboratory” boosts profits of Israel’s war industry

    , by Agence Média Palestine, Gabriel Schivone

    Israel’s arms industry is twice the size of its US counterpart in exports per capita and employs a percentage of the national workforce double that of the US or France, two of the top global arms exporters. After exploring the vast surveillance regime along the US-Mexico border and finding Israeli systems installed at every turn, Gabriel Schivone returns in this article to the investigation conducted with writer Todd Miller on Israel as the largest homeland security industry in the world.


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