, by  E-joussour

The FMAS (Forum des Alternatives Maroc) is concerned with making known the richness of civil societies in the Maghreb and the Mashreq, the extent of its involvement in development, social struggles and its prospects in democratic transition processes as well as globalization in progress; at same time as to facilitate access to information, documentation and analyzes produced on these issues in Arabic. This is done through the virtual platform e-Joussour whose mission is to support, make visible and document the initiatives and proposals of the social movements; as well as contributing to the articulation of awareness-raising and advocacy networks and campaigns in close collaboration with the strategic axes and themes addressed by the FMAS and its national, regional and international partners.

Le portail ejoussour : www.e-joussour.net

Le portail de la webradio ejoussour : http://www.radiojoussour.net