Espacio sin fronteras

, by  Espacio Sin Fronteras

Established in 2007, the Espacio Sin Fronteras network aims to be a space for reflection and analysis of the actors of civil society of the different countries of South America on the issue of migration. The ESF Network is made up of a group of national organizations and networks in various South American countries committed to promoting the human rights of immigrants and building a regional South American citizenship. The main objective is to make proposals that contribute to the construction of migration policies in the region, taking into account the human rights perspective and regional integration. The network is aimed in particular at MERCOSUR, UNASUR, etc.

The Espacio Sin Fronteras network is mobilizing to combat the forms of expulsion and xenophobia in the region and is pushing for the construction of a regional approach to the issue. Finally, the ESF network acts as part of the International Council of the World Social Forum on Migration, of which it is a member.

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