Globalization Monitor

, by  Globalization Monitor

Globalization Monitor is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong founded in l999 and its members are activists from trade unions, the green movement and grassroots groups. It dedicates itself to the following activities:

1. Promote public awareness on the adverse effects of globalization, neo-liberalism and corporate monopolies;
2. Lobbying to restrain the behavior of Corporations and protect the rights of workers, women, consumers, marginal groups and the environment;
3. Promote an autonomous social movement to fight for political and economic democracy and the just distribution of social resources.

China has fully integrated into the global market and transformed itself into a powerful machine for export. However, the comparative advantages of Chinese products rest on the high level of exploitation of both workers and the environment. Workers and farmers are denied the basic civil rights and political freedoms. Rural migrant workers are further denied full freedom of residence and of movement in the cities. The lack of genuine democratic and independent trade unions make China the most popular destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world but workers have to endure extremely low wages and high intensity of work. Globalization Monitor is keen to monitor FDI and the malpractices of global companies’ supply chain in China.