Some questions on Islamophobia: The question of alliances Summary

, by  MASSIAH Gus

Contribution to the seminar ATTAC, CA and CS of June 21, 2015

The debate on Islamophobia is central in France and worldwide. We must take it as an analyzer, a developer of French society and the global society. What we called Islamophobia is centrally located in the accentuation of racism and discrimination. The challenge today is the alliance with movements that refer to Islam. We can not fight against Islamophobia without movements that refer to Islam. Especially that these movements are not static and they are crossed by contradictions. As the currents that want to be on the left and play a role in legitimizing and strengthening of Islamophobia. Without struggle against Islamophobia, it is unlikely to advance in the construction of the unity of the working class and the popular strata.