TAFTA : a new leak reveals climaticide ambitions of the European Union Résumé

, by  AITEC

The AITEC and Attac France obtained the release of the chapter ‘Energy and raw materials’, that will be offered to US negotiators at the 14th round of negotiations starting in Brussels today.

The text, commented in an analytical paper available here confirms our fears: TAFTA will deprive the public authorities of the regulatory and monitoring instruments necessary for the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. No safeguard or protection are included in the draft chapter by DG Commerce (DG Trade) in order to give precedence to international environmental law on trade and investment.

Composed of 9 articles and two appendices, the document demonstrates especially the EU’s ambition to achieve the lifting of all restrictions on exports of US natural gas to the European Union.
It has other two main components :

  • a regulatory component on standards, regulations and inspections in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • a component of « cooperation » between the parties on trade and investment in the field of energy and raw materials: international negotiations, trade distorting measures of third-parties, self-certification by businesses, trade and economic data, national « good practices», efficient use of resources...

Now, through this text, new threats are emerging for the planet and for public health.


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