The 8th South South Forum on Sustainability 15 June – 19 July 2021 The Politics of Hope: People’s resilience and resistance in catastrophic times

Into the 21st year of the 21st century, we have witnessed how the world is mired deeper and deeper into massive crises of the ecological conditions that sustain lives on earth, of the economic breakdown, and of the outbreak of lasting pandemics, affecting all, particularly those made vulnerable by inequalities and injustice dominating how things should be run and how lives should be lived. The urgency of the matter calls for activists/thinkers (especially those from the global south) to think though the problems and ponder upon strategies to revert the situation. In the face of the massive nature of our plights, reality will be interrogated and critically evaluated philosophically, historically and culturally, so as to shed light on financial exploitations, armed conflicts, the pandemic, and energy issues which blackmail us to turn to nuclear power so as to maintain high energy consumption and ways of life while our addiction to fossil fuels is increasingly unsustainable. In this connection, modern sciences and the practices of traditional medicines will also be reflected upon. As the problems that are thrust on us cannot be meaningfully dealt with without the efforts and struggles of people self-organizing on the ground, legacies of people’s resistance and resilience will constitute our central concern, hoping to learn from their wisdoms for new ways of relating to one another and to the earth, and new experience for the organization of ways of living collectively and democratically for a better self and a better world.

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