The Great Transition : Building Utopias

, by  Global Dialogue for Systemic Change

The Great Transition: Building Utopias

Online, May 20 to 23 2021

Global Dialogue is happy to share an invitation to this upcoming symposium organized by one of our founding partners, The Great Transition Collective. The event seeks to bring together activists and academics to discuss postcapitalist alternatives.

Now is the time to act. The multi-faceted crisis we are going through requires the creation of new utopias. This is why The Great Transition invites you to reflect on alternative models and new political strategies in tune with our current situation.

The program will feature over 30 activities in total, namely four plenary sessions which will be translated into English, French and Spanish:

Some other notable activities include:

For the conference schedule (with Zoom links):

The symposium will be accessible free of charge! The conference organizers are simply asking for voluntary contributions to support the event:

We hope to see you there!