Very modest reflections on the WSF Summary

, by  Michel Warschawski

With the advent of the Forum: the war and the resistance to war

What has been the strength of the World Social Forum at first, it is the overall-prevention-and-permanent war of George W. Bush. There was a willingness to act to oppose the new imperialist war that threatened the planet. Today, everything has changed. The Arab world is an indicator of global trends: the security crisis created by the powerful states, popular revolutions across the region, bloody counter-revolutions, emergence of a barbaric alternative in the figure of Daesh. Thus, a space for discussion and exchange of experiences remains more necessary than ever. The question that we should answer is: May the FSM framework be attractive to these new expressions of social revolts throughout the world?

Michel Warschawski
Michel was founder and president of the Alternative Information Center (AIC) in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.