Will we ever be able to do whatever we want? Summary

, by  CRINON Monique

Womenswear, crazy reflection of our time.

In 1964, a young woman playing table tennis in a monokini on la Croisette was accused of indecent exposure.
In 1968, some of us burnt our bras.
In the following years, wearing the monokini was prohibited.
Recently, a Femen activist was convicted of baring her breasts.
This Summer, burkinis are banned on some French beaches.
Irony of the times…
Women’s bodies were and are still a topic of conversation. Society, especially by way of politics, uses the female body to talk about something else: mores, morality … terror!!! It’s all okay when it comes to controlling the female body. We are ordered to respect social codes (more or less clothing), whatever reasons guide our own choices.
At this point, isn’t our society confused that it persecutes women’s nudity, some pieces of fabric? Does it really believe that it’s strengthening its identity by this ridiculous bias (though secular), while it moves forward without any real direction? A nasty wind of identity panic is blowing over France.