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décembre 2021 - novembre 2022

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  • China’s rise in the last three decades has reshaped the global economy and politics. For activists and movements committed to social and environment justice, what are the implications for our struggles for systemic change ? Join a unique six week free introductory webinar series to deepen your learning and inform your activism.

    10 November 2021 to 15 December 2021
    14:00 - 16:00 CET
    Asia-Europe Peoples Forum

    China today has the second largest global economy, ranks first in outward foreign direct investment, has become the world leader in AI and a driver of economic growth globally. Global capitalism today would not survive in its current form without China’s dynamism and pivotal role. As the country’s wealth and influence has grown, the Chinese state is looking to consolidate power at home, while also playing a more assertive role within Asia and globally. This has led its global geopolitical role to be constantly scrutinised by outside commentators, most often in relationship to US power.

    Yet China, despite its size and power, remains a state, nation, country and people that is little understood and poorly portrayed – most of all by mainstream media and politicians outside China. This is often a projection of the fears, ideologies and political interests of those outsiders, rather than an honest examination of China’s unique history, politics and peoples and their own struggles for meaningful well paid work, good education, quality healthcare, a clean environment.

    To confront some of the mythologies, and also to deepen understanding of the country, Transnational Institute together with, Made In China Journal, Lausan, Critical China Scholars and the Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum is putting together a six webinar series on China. It is intended for activists anywhere in the world who want to have a basic understanding of China’s political and economic system, its global impact and role, and the best ways to engage with the Chinese state, its institutions and corporations, and its communities and grassroots groups. The six week series is intended as a first introductory edition, and would be concluded with a survey to decide on future webinar editions that could deepen learning, as well as possible spin-offs from the series including publications.


    Every Wednesday, 2-4pm CET, 10 November to 15 December. This would be 8am in New York and 8pm in Beijing. The third session on 24 November however will be one hour later, at 3-5pm CET.


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    Looking Back, Looking Forward


    Conversation with Authors of the Dossier
    The Arab Uprisings : A decade of struggle

    (The webinar will be in Both English and Arabic)

    Since 2010, the Arab region has witnessed waves of inspiring uprisings and popular resistance against authoritarianism and dispossession. Social movements, workers, youths and marginalised sections of society rose up to demand bread, freedom and justice. These various people’s movements find themselves pitted against entrenched authoritarian and counter-revolutionary forces bent on suppressing them. Nevertheless, the insurgent hope is still alive as what is taking place right now in Sudan with people insisting to continue their revolution is just a testimony of this ongoing hunger for justice and liberation.

    All of these momentous events between 2010 and 2021 have opened new horizons for people to express their discontent and demand radical change and reforms, forcing almost every government in the region to concede on issues – both political and economic.

    In this webinar, we will hear from some outstanding scholars and activists from the region who have written brilliant essays for our recently published dossier on the Arab Uprisings (

    Panellists :

     Ghassen Ben Khalifa : Journalist and a revolutionary socialist from Tunisia. He is the editing coordinator of the media outlet

     Muzan Alneel : Sudanese writer and activist. She is co-founder of the Innovation, Science and Technology Think-tank for People-Centered Development (ISTiNAD).

     Ali Amouzai : activist and researcher from Morocco. He is a member of the Almounadil-a current (a revolutionary socialist labour organisation).

     Rafeef Ziadah : Lecturer in Politics and Public Policy in the Department of International Development, King’s College London

    7 déc. 2021 05:00 PM



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