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Intercoll is an open space for the development and confrontation of social and citizen movements. It is run by individuals linked to those movements, and by anyone who is involved in social struggles and mobilizations. Intercoll aims to contribute to the gradual emergence of a new "international collective intellectual" from the reflection of movements and networks of research and public education related to them.
Intercoll aims to create an international and multicultural space. The website operates in six languages. The articles will all offer a brief summary of ten ligns in the 6 different languages. Seven steps will be implemented:

  • The wall of questionings that will arise or should be asked by the social movements.
  • Partner websites from several regions and on several themes.
  • Working groups on proposed and selected themes.
  • Mobilizations and citizen actions proposed by our partners.
  • An ongoing survey on the social movements’ strategy.
  • Texts published by other websites and selected by Intercoll for their interesting perspective.
  • Events, seminars, conferences, various events in which Intercoll takes part.

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  • The new world struggles to be born

    , by MASSIAH Gus

    The situation seems to be desperate. The offensive of the right wing and the far right movements occupies space and minds. It spreads out in the media and claims to express the shift of societies to the right. This is not the case and nothing has been decided yet. Societies resist and contradictions are at work; they are the ones that determine the future.

  • Counteracting the global hegemony of the financial system

    , by Alain Joxe

    From a strategic point of view, it is important to overcome the current hegemonic superiority of the financial system over the economic and military system. The urgency for the Left is to ward off the danger of decentralized and delocalizable third world war, which could take the form of war in three camps because of the emergence of the religious fact. It is also to make people aware of an internationalist solidarity based on international law and the defense of human rights.

  • Social Movements and the Struggle for Democraticy in Brazil

    , by Vida Brasil

    The removal of Dilma Rousseff from the presidency of the First Brazilian Republic represents, for the vast majority of social movements and organizations of civil society in this country, a deep breach of the democratic regime in place since 1985: a real coup d’état, denounced tirelessly in (...)

  • Secular Stagnation, or is it worse?

    , by WALLERSTEIN Immanuel

    The world’s economists have been wrestling with something they have found difficult to explain. Why is it that stock market prices have continued to go up despite the fact that something called growth seems to be stagnant? In mainstream economic theory, it’s not supposed to work that way. If (...)


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