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The World Social Forum: The counterweight to the World Economic Forum

, by Isabel Ortiz

This week the 2024 annual meeting of the World Social Forum (WSF) was held in Nepal. There were fifty thousand participants from over 90 countries, exchanging strategies to address the multiple global crises, from climate catastrophes to unfettered capitalism, inequality, social injustice, wars and conflict.

The zapatista uprising, 30 years on

, by Bernard Duterme, CETRI

Thirty years after the uprising of 1 January 1994, the question arises : is the battle half-lost or half-won ? While the rebels of Chiapas may not have succeeded in reforming Mexico’s constitution, decolonising its institutions or even gaining a foothold in the country’s political scene, they have nonetheless given unprecedented local, national and international visibility to peasant and Indigenous struggles for redistribution and autonomy.

The surprises of global warfare

, by Bertrand Badie

In this article published on December 16 2022, Bertrand Badie, emeritus professor at Sciences Po Paris, considers the evolution of the Russian-Ukrainian war and attempts to "shed light on this new situation by identifying the characteristics that make it unprecedented".