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YouTube’s Violation of Palestinian Digital Rights

, by Al-Shabaka, Amal Nazaal

Palestinians are increasingly reporting that their digital rights are being violated by social media platforms, including YouTube. Amal Nazzal examines YouTube’s problematic policies, and offers recommendations for protecting the digital rights of Palestinian activists, journalists, and human rights defenders.

The Great Lockdown hits the Third World hard

, by Gilbert Achcar, Le Monde diplomatique

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the planet is experiencing its worst economic crisis since the inter-war period. Explosion of unemployment, food insecurity, school dropout...: if the effects of the "great lockdown" are felt everywhere, they are multiplied in poor countries, where the informal sector, by definition devoid of social protection, holds a preponderant place.

The First Decade of the Arab Revolutionary Process

, by Gilbert Achcar

Ten years ago, a young street vendor in Tunisia caused a political storm that would quickly spread throughout the Arab-speaking region in what is known as "the Arab Spring". Social eruptions and political protests continued to occur in country after country, and from region to region within the same country.


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