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Our June Selection

, by PeopleKonsian

In this June 2021 selection: a compilation in support of Spanish rapper Pablo Hasél, Palestinian rappers as catalysts for mobilisation, interviews with committed hip hop artists who use their music as a tool for resistance and emancipation.

The Strange Peninsula (abstract)

, by DRÉANO Bernard

The Arabian Peninsula is sparsely populated, and the population is mostly distributed over the coastal outskirts and mountains of Yemen and Hejaz. In total there are around 85 million inhabitants, nearly two-thirds in two states: Saudi Arabia (34 million) and Yemen (28 million). In some states, (...)

20 years of alterglobalism: Review in 3 points

, by CANET Raphaël

April 2001. 60,000 people walked the streets of Quebec City to denounce the imposition of neoliberal globalization through the signing of free trade agreements by our governments behind closed doors. The gap between the worldview of the economic-political elites and that of the people, opened (...)

Hamas breaks out of its Gaza cage

, by Amjad Iraqi

The Islamist movement surprised Israel and the international community when it intervened on the back of a popular uprising in Jerusalem. But some Palestinians remain wary of cooptation, says analyst Tareq Baconi.


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