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War: Three pieces of a puzzle

, by Antonio Martins

Putin has been caught in a political ambush. The West has detonated the financial "atom bomb" - but risks being hit for it. China is pushing back against Washington, but is not aligning with Moscow and may hold the keys to a long-term exit. There are lessons for the (...)

Putin’s war in Ukraine, questions and some answers

, by DRÉANO Bernard

On 24 February 2022, the day after the celebration of "Fatherland Day" in Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to attack Ukraine.
This is a crime against humanity, in the sense of the "crime of aggression" defined by the Statute of the International Criminal Court (Article 8 bis) and an (...)

Palestine. The overcoming of state nationalism

, by Roger Heacock

In a critical and committed book, several researchers, most of them Palestinians, question the desire to create a state, which has been at the heart of Palestinian political strategy for a century. By questioning this state nationalism and the renunciations it has provoked, they open up new (...)

There are no good imperialists, there only are imperialists

, by Nils Andersson

The long course of history shows that imperialism resolves its contradictions through war, and when crises of covetousness and tension are at their peak, whether they are internal conflicts or confrontations between great powers, peace remains a utopia. There is no such thing as good (...)


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