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Intercoll is an open space for the development and confrontation of social and citizen movements. It is run by individuals linked to those movements, and by anyone who is involved in social struggles and mobilizations. Intercoll aims to contribute to the gradual emergence of a new "international collective intellectual" from the reflection of movements and networks of research and public education related to them.
Intercoll aims to create an international and multicultural space. The website operates in six languages. The articles will all offer a brief summary of ten ligns in the 6 different languages. Seven steps will be implemented:

  • The wall of questionings that will arise or should be asked by the social movements.
  • Partner websites from several regions and on several themes.
  • Working groups on proposed and selected themes.
  • Mobilizations and citizen actions proposed by our partners.
  • An ongoing survey on the social movements’ strategy.
  • Texts published by other websites and selected by Intercoll for their interesting perspective.
  • Events, seminars, conferences, various events in which Intercoll takes part.

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  • Tunisia. Why They Want to Leave at All Costs

    , by Malek Lakhlal

    Migrations, a Vanishing Horizon · While the media tend never to establish any connection between “irregular immigration” and the “brain drain”, the motives behind these two types of emigration are far more similar than we are led to believe.

  • Tunisia. Whatever the Cost, Don’t Let Them Cross

    , by Sana Sbouai

    Migrations, a Vanishing Horizon · In 2011 and 2017, two shipwrecks off the Tunisian coast involved units of the Tunisian navy. On both occasions, vessels carrying migrants to Italy were sunk. The first following a collision, the second having capsized at the end of a chase. Technical error or respect —paid at the high price— of the agreements between Tunisia and the European Union ?

  • Migrations, a Vanishing Horizon

    , by Mohamed Samih Beji Okkaz

    Independent Media Network on the Arab World
    Within the framework of the Independent Media Network on the Arab World , the Orient XXI website publishes a dossier of 7 articles on migration in French, English and Arabic. Intercoll has selected two articles from this dossier, also published in (...)

  • The 1%, Exploitation and Wealth

    , by Jonathan Nitzan, Schimshon Bichler, The Bichler & Nitzan Archives , Tim Di Muzio

    This is a wide-ranging interview with RECASP’s editor Tim Di Muzio, which we think might help readers understand what CasP is all about, how it differs from other forms of political economy, and what it might mean for activists.

    Based on various critical approaches to capitalism (Marxist thinking, the occupying movement...), the two professors put into perspective different mechanisms that make capitalism an ideology that goes far beyond the political and economic framework but constitutes a framework of moral values that is complex to replace.


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