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From commons to commons movement, overcome capitalism

, by Frédéric Sultan , Michel Bauwens

The culture of the commons is now transforming even social and political movements, popular education and citizen participation. There is nothing like observing the ways activists organise themselves based on open assemblies, collegial governance, elections without candidates, tools and principles of federation, to realise the impact of the commons in the political domain.

Our March Selection

, by PeopleKonsian

This dossier on hip hop and social movements presents different artists whose music is closely linked to their political and activist commitment. Their music and lyrics are inextricably linked to their origins and the struggles for the rights of their communities that stem from them.

Guich Oudaya: Does securitisation guarantee the right toproperty in Morocco?

, by Amine Belghazi, Mohamed Sammouni, Mupresse

The Oudaya Gulch lands have been titled and registered in the name of the Oudaya Gulch community, which gives them final and unassailable status. However, in defiance of all applicable laws and decrees on the subject, these lands have for several decades been subject to predation in which the administrative, economic and political spheres have been incestuously intertwined, making Bouazza and thousands of other descendants of the guich orphans of their land.

On B’Tselem’s Apartheid

, by As-Safir Al-Arabi, Majd Kayyal

The change of position of the Israeli organisation "B’Tselem", which now refers to the regime in the areas under Israeli control as "apartheid", has triggered many debates on the reasons for this change of position and its reception at the international level. They are in fact explained by the influence of Israeli, American and European political interests on the work and motivations of human rights institutions.


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