Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC)

As international companies increased their investment in Asia, it became clear that the poor working conditions they brought required an informed response from labour and its supporters. Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) was part of that response and was founded in Hong Kong in 1976.
AMRC has developed over the years, but is still an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) which focuses on Asian labour concerns. The Centre supports a democratic and independent labour movement promoting the principles of labour rights, gender consciousness, and active workers’ participation in work-related issues.
The AMRC seeks to become a strategic research, education, and information resource partner of the broad Asian labour movement in the struggle for decent jobs, equality, and dignity for Asian working men and women.
The mission of AMRC is to support and contribute towards the building of a strong, democratic, and independent labour movement in Asia by understanding and responding to the multiple challenges of asserting workers’ rights to jobs, decent working conditions, and gender consciousness, while following a participatory framework.
What We Do
AMRC provides information, consultation, publications, documentation, and internships, and conducts research, training, advocacy, campaigns, labour networking, and related services to trade unions, pro-labour groups, related NGOs, academics, researchers, and professionals on labour issues.

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