Working groups

The purpose of a working group is to build a debate support dossier, a sort of strategic thinking "kit" and "tools" for those working on behalf of social movements, which will be freely available and freely distributed. Each group shall set up its own working method. Each working group will have at least one group leader. The group may be conducted in partnership with one or more magazines, websites and/or publishers. The dossier shall consist of articles, interviews and other relevant documents. The issues and visions of the social movements will be the focal point. They will also try to address different points of view depending on the regions, the languages, the types of movements, and the topics.

Latest releases

The surprises of global warfare

, by Bertrand Badie

In this article published on December 16 2022, Bertrand Badie, emeritus professor at Sciences Po Paris, considers the evolution of the Russian-Ukrainian war and attempts to "shed light on this new situation by identifying the characteristics that make it unprecedented".

Farewell to multilateralism

, par Cramer Ben

The risk of seeing the United Nations increasingly disunited is not a simple exercise for Sciences Po students ; nor for anti-globalization activists. This is an issue for all Changemakers, Peacemakers and Troublemakers, i.e. those (readers included) who challenge the status quo and want to (...)

Palestine. The overcoming of state nationalism

, by Roger Heacock

In a critical and committed book, several researchers, most of them Palestinians, question the desire to create a state, which has been at the heart of Palestinian political strategy for a century. By questioning this state nationalism and the renunciations it has provoked, they open up new (...)

Most read

Hip-hop and social mouvements

, by CICP, PeopleKonsian

Hip-hop is a tool of denunciation, expression and promotion of social movements. It has been used as a mean to express social and political struggles as well as daily struggles for the working-class. As dance or street art, hip hop allows artists to convey messages of international solidarity and to give voice to struggles for equality and against all forms of domination and discrimination. The appearance of this musical, cultural and social movement reflects a certain democratization of music.

Presentation of the working group Commons

, by Frédéric Sultan

“We speak of ‘commons’ every time a community of people is driven by the same desire to take charge of a resource that they’ve inherited or created and this organises them in a democratic, convivial and responsible manner to ensure access, use and longevity in the general interest and concern (...)


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