Presentation of the project

Intercoll is an open space for the development and confrontation of social and citizen movements. It is run by people linked to the movements, everyone involved in the struggles and mobilizations. It deals with activists who engage in an intellectual work to renew, from the denunciations of injustices, interpretive frameworks and forms of engagement, at all levels, local, national, as global. The aim is to develop economic, social alternatives, and environmental policies to rethink the world in the paths of emancipation and solidarity.

From all these efforts around the world, we are assisting to the gradual emergence of a new "international collective intellectual" from the intellectual development of movements and research networking as well as popular education linked with those movements. This space feeds on all forms of convergence of social and citizens movements, for example, the process of the World Social Forum which expresses one of the form of global justice movement. This is a movement that extends and renews the previous historical movements; the labor movement, the peasant movement, the movement of decolonization, women’s rights movement, the environmental movement, the movement of the first peoples, etc.

Intercoll aims to create an international and multicultural space. The site will operate in six languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin. The articles will be preceded by a summary of ten lines in the different languages allowing everyone to use automatic translation tools.

Seven steps will be implemented:

Working groups that will analyse proposed and selected themes. They will be led by a team of two or three people. They will prepare supporting files; in-depth elements, "kits", "spare parts", which will contribute to the debate and deepening discussions. For now six groups are launching: religion and emancipation; movements in front of wars and security; mobilisations on the climate emergency; migrations ; sovereignty, TAFTA. For many groups, the animation team is formed from movements that were present in the convergence assemblies of social forums.

Partner websites from several regions and on several themes. These are websites, magazines and publishing houses working with the movements. We will seek to associate between 100 and 200 correspondents within two years. For each partner, we will put on the site a presentation of four to five lines with the link back to the partner site.

A wall of the questions that arise or should be asked by social movements. Corresponding from several regions and on several themes will be identified. It will involve sites, magazines and publishers working with the movements. We seek to associate between 100 and 200 corresponding in the two first years. Each corresponding will commit to write every six months a text from 4 to 5,000 signs on a question, which can be treated by them, indicating why movements should ask this question and how to approach it. If other people are interested, they can join the work in progress or create a self-directed intellectual work group.

Mobilizations and citizen actions proposed by our partner websites and by the working groups.

An ongoing survey on the strategy of social movements. Social movements leaders or those working with them will be asked to explain the strategy of the movement, the strategic debates launched and the way movements are adapting their strategy to the changing situation to the definition of their objectives.

Texts read elsewhere and selected based on their interest. This is a watch with the selection of some texts, two or three times a month, which are of particular interest in the international debate.

Some Events, seminars, conferences, participation in various manifestations for which a summary will be available on the website and references will be made in the Agenda.

The Intercoll project is part of a wide dynamic where debates worn by movements come to feed the struggles and mobilizations.

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