Launch of the World Social Forum for Justice and Democracy

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April 20th, 2021, Tuesday, at 11 a.m. Brazil time (02 p.m. GMT)

Launch of the World Social Forum for Justice and Democracy

More than 150 organizations and social movements from the field of Justice and Democracy in Brazil and in several other countries, or that recognize the importance of the theme, started at the end of last year the construction of this Thematic World Social Forum, which should take place in 2022 in a Brazilian state capital.

The launch event will be on Friday April 23rd, with an Opening Panel with the participation of Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Kenarik Boujikan, Vitalina Papadakis, Paulo Abrão and Stella Calloni, besides cultural activities with Antonio Nóbrega, Fabiana Cozza, Gog, Realleza, among others. After that, a week of self-organized activities will take place, addressing priority issues of the current conjuncture.

The political focus of the Forum is the debate, proposals and actions aiming at the democratization of the institutions of Justice at a local and international level, which includes, for example, the denunciation and the fight against lawfare - widespread in many countries; the initiative or the support to national and international trials of public authorities responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths during the current pandemic; the formation or the strengthening of organic networks and world campaigns committed to the construction of democratic, fair, solidary and environmentally sustainable societies; among other themes.

The World Social Forum for Justice and Democracy is part of the process of 20 years of World Social Forums, which began in 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and whose next planetary edition will also be in 2022 in Mexico.

We ask journalists and media vehicles to please confirm receipt of this notice and the interest in participating in the Press Conference on Tuesday April 20th, at 11:00 a.m. Brazil (02 p.m. GMT).

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