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The section « Elsewhere on the web » proposes each month, one or two texts selected according to their interest in supplying the general debate on the situation and the alternatives from the perspective of social movements. A link to the first publication website will be posted on each article. This section is supplemented by texts proposed by partner sites, not exceeding one or two texts per site and per month.

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, by Walden Bello

September 21 is the day the dictator Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in the Philippines. For 49 years, it has been a day of mourning for Filipinos. This year, the 50th anniversary of Martial Law will be taking place under the regime of his son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who was elected (...)

The contraction of the West

, by DE SOUSA SANTOS Boaventura

What Westerners call the West or Western civilization is a geopolitical space that emerged in the 16th century and expanded continuously until the 20th century. On the eve of World War I, about 90% of the globe was Western or Western-dominated: Europe, Russia, the Americas, Africa, Oceania and (...)


, by Walden Bello

The failures of liberalism made illiberalism popular. But the inevitable crises of the Marcos-Duterte regime offer opportunities for progressive organizing.
As a progressive activist, I am dismayed at the election of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son of the former dictator, by a landslide in the (...)

War: Three pieces of a puzzle

, by Antonio Martins

Putin has been caught in a political ambush. The West has detonated the financial "atom bomb" - but risks being hit for it. China is pushing back against Washington, but is not aligning with Moscow and may hold the keys to a long-term exit. There are lessons for the (...)

Putin’s war in Ukraine, questions and some answers

, by DRÉANO Bernard

On 24 February 2022, the day after the celebration of "Fatherland Day" in Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to attack Ukraine.
This is a crime against humanity, in the sense of the "crime of aggression" defined by the Statute of the International Criminal Court (Article 8 bis) and an (...)

There are no good imperialists, there only are imperialists

, by Nils Andersson

The long course of history shows that imperialism resolves its contradictions through war, and when crises of covetousness and tension are at their peak, whether they are internal conflicts or confrontations between great powers, peace remains a utopia. There is no such thing as good (...)

A Path To Freedom

, by Gustavo Esteva

It is possible to say that underdevelopment afflicted me when I was 13 years old. On January 20, 1949 I became underdeveloped along with two billion other people of the non-western world, the former colonies, when president Truman took office and adopted the word as a political emblem of (...)

Most read

In defense of Venezuela

, by DE SOUSA SANTOS Boaventura

Venezuela has been undergoing one of the most difficult moments of her history. I have been following the Bolivarian Revolution from its beginning with critical attention and solidarity. Venezuela´s social conquests of the past two decades cannot be disputed. You just have to consult the 2016 UN (...)

The 1%, Exploitation and Wealth

, by Jonathan Nitzan, Schimshon Bichler, The Bichler & Nitzan Archives , Tim Di Muzio

This is a wide-ranging interview with RECASP’s editor Tim Di Muzio, which we think might help readers understand what CasP is all about, how it differs from other forms of political economy, and what it might mean for activists.

Based on various critical approaches to capitalism (Marxist thinking, the occupying movement...), the two professors put into perspective different mechanisms that make capitalism an ideology that goes far beyond the political and economic framework but constitutes a framework of moral values that is complex to replace.

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