Declaration of the Casablanca International Meeting on the COP22 - Sept.23-24 2016

, by  Coalition Marocaine pour la Justice (CMJC)

Dear friends,

At the close of the International and African Conference organized by the MCCJ (Moroccan Coalition for Climate Justice), a declaration was adopted which you will find attached in English, French and Arabic (Spanish and Tamazight to follow).
In the near future, we will be circulating a complete and detailed report on the topics addressed at the conference and discussed in plenaries and working groups, covering:

1. Strategy

2. Activities and priorities in terms of programming and campaigns.

3. COPAFRICA, our focus on the African continent and the establishment of an African civil society space during COP22 that will make their voices heard in order to put pressure on negotiators and states so that due justice will afforded to Africa.

4. The conception and development of a priority action program for the Mediterranean.

5. The COP22 international autonomous space in relation to the official regulated space (IN-OUT).

The conference, which foresaw the participation of 150 delegates (due to limited means), in fact consisted of:

· 245 people, of which 35% were women.

· 80 international delegates from 36 countries, including 23 African countries, Palestine, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium, in addition to a UNFCCC representative.

· 166 Moroccan participants.

· 198 associations, networks, unions and academics from diverse fields such as environment, human rights, women’s rights, youth organizations, media, fisher’s movements, peasant movements, habitat and migration.

Regarding Follow-up:
1. For COPAFRICA, a monitoring committee has been established, consisting for the time being of the MCCJ, PACJA, CAN, RCD, Alter Inter, l’Odyssée des Alternatives, and l’Observatoire Maghrébin des Migrations.

2. Contacts for a working group on the Mediterranean include: ARCI, CRID, IPAM, CMJC.

3. An international working group will be established on the basis of the IN-OUT relationship between autonomous and official spaces during the COP22. This group will be open and politically and geographically diverse. Its mission will be to facilitate programming and joint initiatives, as well as internal and external communication. The group is being tasked with triggering and accelerating consultations on the design and organization of the self-managed space, while ensuring the possibility of broad participation and activities organized by associations, networks, social movements and unions. This working group will also be responsible for proposing ideas on mobilization, the march(es), the date of the march and activities that will be possible for only part of the duration of COP22 (namely, within the last 3-4 days).

Contacts: Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, IPAM,, Alternatives International, Joussour, MCCJ

4. A mailing list will be established.

5. The contact details of all participating individuals and organization will be circulated to those who attended the conference.

6. The MCCJ will ensure an interim secretariat.

Best regards,

On behalf of the MCCJ

Déclaration of Casablanca - Sept2016