The Struggle for Justice in Bhopal A New/Old Breed of Transnational Social Movement

, by  Global Social Policy, ZAVESTOSKI Stephen

Most analyses of the Bhopal disaster have focused on the management decisions leading up to the disaster on 3 December 1984. This article examines the evolution of the global movement for justice in Bhopal that arose following the disaster. Recent developments in the study of transnational social movements are employed to identify the contributions that an analysis of the evolution of the struggle for justice in Bhopal can make towards greater understanding of global social movement organizing. Close examination of the ebb and flow of the movement’s global ties offers new explanations for both its persistence and evolution over 25 years.

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Global Social Policy vol. 9(3): pp 383–407; 343643; DOI:10.1177/1468018109343643



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