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  • Palestine: Resuming the offensive

    , by Mustafa Barghouti

    The occupation government continues to intensify its exactions in a number of areas. This shows the importance of the leaked statement by US diplomats to their international counterparts regarding the non-compliance with UN Resolutions 242 and 338 and other international resolutions.

  • Jewish Voice for Peace’s Approach to Zionism

    , by Jewish Voice for Peace

    We are publishing two texts on the question of Zionism, which we believe is crucial for understanding the situation in Palestine.

    This first contribution comes from Jewish Voices for Peace, a US-based association with thousands of members in this country, which has grown and evolved to the point of casting doubt on Israel among the Jewish population of this country traditionally loyal to Israel. The text explains how the association has evolved from a critique of Israeli politics alone to the critique of Zionism on which it is based.

  • Future Scenarios for Israel-Palestine

    , by Marcelo Svirsky, Ronnen Ben-Arie

    Shared life of Jews and Arabs did exist in Historic Palestine prior to the Zionist settlement and to some extent maintained through the first decades of the 20th century...

    How to conceptualise the activist work of those who refuse Zionism? In the meantime, this activist work need to be seen as a work of cultural preparation. At present, this is an important contribution to the process of decolonising Palestine.

  • The Balfour Declaration’s many questions

    , by Joseph Massad, The Electronic Intifada

    The text of Joseph Massad evokes the emergence in 19th century Christian and imperial Europe of the "Eastern Question" (overflow of the East on the West and the "Jewish Question" ; persistence of the East in the West), whose resolution was sought through settler colonialism in what was called the "Question of Palestine".

  • Jerusalem: A Palestinian Spark Of Hope

    , by Jamal Juma’

    In this text Jamal Juma’ returns to the popular movement which opposed the controls the occupying power wanted to impose on the Palestinians to enter the Al Aqsa mosque. It highlights the prospects of this movement for Palestinian resistance, especially the presence of young people. While the Wall isolates 225,000 Palestinians from the city and Israel is doing everything to drive the Palestinians out of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority has been forced to announce a suspension of its cooperation with Israel on security and has given a signal strong for the emancipation of the Palestinians.

    Jamal Juma ’is the coordinator of the STOP THE WALL campaign


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