Wall of Questions

  • Questions asked by partner websites

1. Humanitarian disasters, climate victims: Where is our international solidarity? Pierre Rousset, Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières

2. The new relationship between social movements and political parties in the light of the recent experience in Spain, Josu Egireun, Viento Sur

3. How to promote social justice in a globalised world ? Francine Mestrum, Global Social Justice

4. Social policies and the wellbeing of the planet demand that financial resources which are currentlyn put towards speculation should be redirected towards the inclusion, in a productive way, of the poor, and towards a productive paradigm which won’t destroy the planet. How can we ensure financial transparency andthe inspection of financial processes? Ladislau Dowbor

5. In light of the end of the progressive governments’ cycle in Latin America and the obstacles encountered by the Syriza in Greece, how the social movements that preserve a transforming horizon must deal with the institutional path? In this sense, what lessons can be learned from revolts and social mobilizations initiated by the Arab Spring, such as the Indignants in Spain, the Occupy movement in United States and United Kingdom, the protests in Taksim Square in Turkey, and the June 2013 in Brazil? Le Monde diplomatique Brésil

6. What tools can International Solidarity Organisations rely on to meet their translation needs and make their voices heard at an international level?, Rosetta Foundation

  • Questions asked by working groups

1. How do we respond to armed conflict, military and security policies and the politics of fear ? Bernard Dréano,Social movements facing war and security

2. How far the movements are willing to go to accept the emancipation of all ? How to ensure that the religious vision does not take precedence over a vision of total emancipation? Mégane Ghorbani, Religion and Emancipation

3. Faced with a configuration of powers in the world developed for the benefit of the powerful, what should be the action and the contribution of social movements for building a world more fair, more equal, more democratic and more peaceful? Christophe Ventura, Sovereignty and social movements