Feminism’s insistence on truth, reparation and non-repetition 50 years after the coup

, by  La Neta

This year there have been, and will continue to be, various activities, conferences and organisations to prepare for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the civil-military coup that took place in our country.

In this context, from the feminist movement, the challenge is to continue to convene women and dissidents to gather our experiences in this year of commemoration, knotting the red thread of memory, which unites us all, those of us who lived through the dictatorship and those who are children of it.

After the political scenario that the last elections showed us, we have been reflecting on how to reach out to people who have not felt called by us. This, without renouncing our determination and capacity to question and fight for more democracy in the country, at home and in bed, in all the spaces we inhabit; and to fight for reparation for the victims and survivors of the civil-military dictatorship and the trial and punishment of those responsible.


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