"Covid-19 Mutual Aid. Initiatives of Indigenous Peoples" Map

, by  Aurélie Journée-Duez, CSIA-Nitassinan

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Covid-19 Mutual Aid. Indigenous Peoples Initiatives is an evolutionary mapping project of the Comitê de Solidaridad con los Indígenas de las Americas (CSIA-Nitassinan) [1] created during the quarantine and linked to the global pandemic of the new coronavirus. It tends to identify each of the initiatives undertaken by indigenous groups, organizations, institutions that were developed to fill the deficits of the States in managing this crisis. The first populations to be impacted are indigenous peoples, due to a plurality of political, economic and social factors. This project is collaborative and, although it has focused on the United States and Brazil, due to the similarities between the policies of Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro’s governments, it tends to focus on the Americas as a whole, and will consequently also reach indigenous peoples around the world.

A color code has been put in place (depending on the type of action taken):

  • Red = direct solidarity actions
  • Blue = fundraising
  • Black = local organization / association
  • Violet = digital tools (applications, blogs, etc.)
  • Green = petitions

Each working group on the rights of indigenous peoples, academics, researchers, associations, organizations and activists involved in these issues are encouraged to enrich this map so that it is not exhaustive but as complete as possible and representative of current actions. You can also send the results of your research (identification of a new initiative, direct solidarity, call for donations, etc.) to the following address: aurelie.journee@ehess.fr.->aurelie.journee@ehess.fr]

[1Association for the Defense of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, created in 1978 at the request of indigenous representatives gathered at the United Nations in Geneva at the International Conference on Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (1977).