Mobilization for the release of the Warning Barometer on the situation of human rights in Brazil

, by  Autres Brésils, Coalition Solidarité Brésil
Mobilisation devant l’Ambassade du Brésil - jeudi 19 janvier 2021
Victor Point

At 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, activists from different organizations that are members of the Solidarity Brazil Coalition and friendly organizations such as Greenpeace France gathered in front of the Brazilian Embassy in Paris. Halfway through Bolsonaro’s presidency, the Coalition is publishing its second warning barometer on the human rights and environmental situation in Brazil.

The document brings together 11 themes (police violence, women, environment, indigenous peoples...) and provides the most complete picture possible of the Brazilian situation. The conclusions of the barometer confirm that violence, violations and inequalities are on the increase, targeting in particular the historically most excluded populations. This barometer echoes the cries of warning from social movements, but it is also the reflection of a Brazilian civil society that resists, invents and mobilizes in the territories.

Armed with the banners " Warning on human rights violations " and " Solidarity with a Brazil that resists ", the activists gathered in front of the embassy to hand over the barometer to the Brazilian representatives in France.

"With this barometer, we want to alert France and the international community about the terrible situation in Brazil. President Jair Bolsonaro and his government are a real calamity for the country, its citizens and the planet. The data we have collected shows that all indicators are in the red. Ecologically, the Amazon will reach a point of no return in less than 3 years, its policy destroying it as never before. On the social level also, police violence is reaching a very high level revealing total impunity. In this context, the management of the pandemic is chaotic and Bolsonaro continues to deny it," explains Erika Campelo, co-president of the association Autres Brésils, a member of the Solidarity Brazil Coalition.

Find the barometer (in French) on: or here in PDF.

View online : Autres Brésils



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