Le Monde diplomatique Brésil

, by  Le Monde diplomatique Brésil

Le Monde Diplomatique emerged as a printed version in 2007 through the initiative of the Polis Institute together with a series of supporters who saw in the original French a fundamental publication in order to stimulate critical thinking, reflection and the debate of society’s pressing themes. The electronic edition began in 1999, and since 2010, it also began being edited by the Polis Institute.

In 2012, we registered our own business name, called Free Word.

Provided with political and economic independence, editorial authority and analytical density, Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil is a nonpartisan, pluralist and democratic publication, which seeks to fill a gap not yet adequately addressed by the Brazilian journalism. In order to guide its line of performance, the newspaper has created the Editorial Council with renowned journalists and experts from different fields who seek to express several viewpoints over the circumstances, establish contradiction, and explain the differences and agreements around an agenda that seeks to deepen democracy and equity in Brazil and the world.

In the original edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, it’s highlighted the analysis of the most relevant international trends, criticism on the neoliberal globalization, the debate of alternatives, emergent themes related to culture, media, philosophy, literature, arts and cinema. The Brazilian edition also benefits from other foreign analysis, not only from France like it happens to the other editions of the newspaper. It’s important to highlight that it does not refer to a news publication, focused on the coverage of current events, but it’s a reflexive publication that seeks to identify, beyond the facts, the bigger scenarios that confer them with meaning and intelligibility.