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Internationalism is one of the fundamental values of trade unionism that we are building. This is not an emotional or moral choice, but a political one: the class struggle does not stop at the borders of states... the employers know it and they organize themselves accordingly! Faced with capitalist internationalism, the question of the real internationalism of the workers’ movement, and in particular the trade union movement, was raised. This is one of the subjects on which we collectively have to work more effectively, unless we want to content ourselves with commenting on events and analyzing our successive defeats. This is what we are trying to do, notably through the construction and strengthening of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, but also through many other international commitments in our newsletters and journals.

Our counter-power syndicalism is built on both the daily defense of wage-earners and the prospect of a profound social transformation; it is a syndicalism of struggle, for the construction of real relations of forces to counter the policies of the employers. These are not limited to the national framework, it is an additional reason not to circumscribe our trade unionism.

International solidarity actions are particularly useful, they are factors of support, encouragement for those who struggle and, all too often, for those who are confronted with repression. It is also the means of informing about mobilizations directly, without going through the media intermediaries or politicians who often distort or silence them. It is also about building international struggles, as we have already done, on a still too modest scale, in the railway sector, health, shops and services, call centers.

Union Syndicale Solidaires

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